Moving Into Kentucky

Titling and Registering Your Vehicle

Kentucky requires that an application for title be made within 15 days of moving into the state. What you will need:

  1. Original Out-of-State Title
  2. Application for Title/Registration (TC96-182)
  3. Proof of current Kentucky liability insurance
  4. Picture identification
  5. Proof of sales tax paid when vehicle was purchased
  6. Social Security Number, KY drivers license number, or federal id number
  7. Certified inspection -Contact Pulaski County Sherriff's Office 606-679-8145
  8. Title Lien Statement if applicable TC96-187
• If your title is being held by your lienholder, contact your lien holder for their procedures.
• If the vehicle is leased, contact your leasing company for their procedures.
• If you have lost your out-of-state title you will need to request a duplicate from the state that last titled your vehicle.


How will Road Usage Tax be calculated? A 6% Kentucky road usage tax is collected on the trade-in value. Credit will be allowed for qualifying tax paid in the other state.



Title fee: $9.00
Notary Fee: $2.00 if we notarize
Plate fee: $21.00
Lien filing fee if applicable: $22.00
Inspection: $5.00 Special plates are available for additional fees.
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