Titling and Registering a Brand New Boat

What YOU will need:

  1. Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin properly assigned by the selling dealer
  2. Application for Title and Registration (TC96-184)
  3. Proof of sales/use tax paid to the dealer
  4. Out-of-State Purchase - Use Tax Affidavit (51A3280)
  5. Picture identification
  6. Social Security Number, KY Drivers license number or Federal Tax ID Number for companies.

How will Use Tax be calculated?

A 6% Kentucky use tax is collected on the sale price. Credit is given for sales or use tax paid to a dealer. Proof is required.


Title fee: $9.00
Notary Fee: $2.00 if applicable lien filing fee if applicable: $22.00

Registration fees:

1 ft. to 16 ft. - $25.00
16 ft. to 26 ft. - $29.00
26 ft. to 40 ft. - $35.00
40 ft. and over - $39.00 Trolling motors - $15.00 All inboards and inboard/outboard motors - $40.00

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