Continuation Statements

The notation of a lien on the certificate of title is effective for ten (10) years or in the case of a manufactured home thirty (30) years from the date the security interest is noted on the certificate of title. The filing of a continuation statement within six (6) months preceding the expiration of the initial period of a notation's effectiveness extends the expiration date for five (5) additional years for all titled property (including mobile or manufactured homes).

The original file date is the date used to determine the expiration date. Therefore the expiration date is ten (10) years from the original file date. The six (6) month period preceding the expiration date that the continuation statement can be filed is also based upon the original file date. The
continuation statement must be in the county clerk's office by the expiration date. There is not a provision for envelopes that are postmarked on the expiration date, but received a few days later. A filed financing statement lapses on the expiration date unless a continuation statement is filed.

NO FEE Is collected on o continuation statement for any titled property.


The recording requirements for a continuation statement are as follows:

• Received by the county that filed the ORIGINAL TLS
• Name and address of debtor
• Name and address of secured party
• Date of original notation on title
• Original File number
• States that it is a continuation -this must be submitted by the lien holder of record
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