Terminations and Releases

The secured party is required by statute to file a termination within one (1) month after the loan is paid in full or within twenty (20) days after the secured party receives an authenticated demand from a debtor. (KRS 355.9-513 (2)). The termination must be filed in the county where the lien was originally filed. The termination statement must come from the secured party. Effective July 15, 2004 the termination statement must be signed by the secured party (KRS 186.045).

The legal holder of the record is the only entity allowed to submit a lien release or termination statement. The assigned party may instruct the secured party to terminate the lien.


The recording requirements for a termination statement are as follows:

  • The name of the secured party of record
  • The name of the debtor
  • The original file number
  • The original date of filing
  • A description of the titled property assigned, including the ID Number
  • The signature of the secured party (Effective 7-15-04)
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