A 6% Kentucky road usage tax is collected on the retail price. The retail price is either the purchase price or 90% of MSRP. If taxing on the purchase price, the seller must disclose the purchase price on the application (TC96-182), sign as seller and have notarized (See Example). If taxing on MSRP, the manufacturer to dealer invoice or window sticker must be provided.

Title Fee: $9.00
Notary Fee: $2.00 if we notarize
Plate fee: $21.00 annually VIN inspection: $5.00
Lien filing fee if applicable: $22.00
Late lien filing penalty if applicable: $2.00

Any delinquent property tax owed may prohibit title/registration.

Special plates are available for additional fees. Click here to see our special Qlates.

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